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Mind over matter

At KRNL (ˈkərn-ᵊl), our commitment is to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone, by building innovative, impactful products that put user experience, security, and privacy at the center.

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Powered by the latest AI models

Our apps are powered by state of the art ai models,
finetuned to reach high performances on complex tasks.

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Putting user experience first

We build everything with people in mind.
We iterate over our users's feedback to ensure a stunning
user experience

The AI revolution,
for everyone,
for everything

We think that AI can and will shape the future of humanity.
That's why we don't limit ourself to just one vertical,
and we build apps for photography, entertainment,
dating and many more fields.

Featured around the world

Our apps are constantly recognized as the best apps in their category, and showcased around the globe by Apple itself.

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