Senior Data Scientist (€40k-€55K)

We are looking for a rigorous senior data scientist

Job description

We are looking for a rigorous senior data scientist to join our team at KRNL.

You will work closely with the engineering team and the marketing team to build a technological solution to manage and improve our paid adv. ROAS.

Key responsibilities:

  • User LTV Modeling: you will build, test, and deploy models to help use predict the LTV of our users, connecting multiple source of data.
  • Marketing automation: exploiting the LTV model, you will build, test, and deploy a script to manage our paid user acquisition according to target KPIs,
  • Products optimization: you will help us optimizing our products by performing rigorous and deep data analysis.

Our ideal candidate is

  • Experienced: you have 3+ years of experience in the data science field. You are a statistic master and you know really well your way around python, pands, numpy and all the popular data science tools.
  • Passionate: you love the data science world. For you nothing is more normal than a normal distribution.
  • Scrupulous: you are details oriented. You like your data clean.
  • Humble: you are open to receive feedbacks about your work and you are always eager to collaborate and share ideas.

What we offer

  • Huge influence: Your code will directly influence the outcome and the success of our products and business.
  • Top-Notch tools: You will receive the latest Apple Macbook and all the software and hardware you need. To boost you concentration you will receive also a pair of brand new AirPods.
  • Young work environment: You will work in a young, fast, and flexible environment.
  • Competitive salary: We offer you a competitive pay based on your experience.
  • Stock Options: you'll own part of the company and benefit from it!

To apply for this role, please follow this LINK.You will be redirected to the first screening test that will assess your fit.

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